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Four Paws Veterinary Clinc Four Paws Veterinary Clinc Four Paws Veterinary Clinc

Our Services

Diagnostic and therapeutic

At Four Paws Veterinary clinic, we strive to offer quality diagnostic services including, full physical
examination, diagnostic imaging; such as radiology, ultrasonography and laboratory tests on various
samples such as blood, stool, urine, skin scrapings and organ tests such as liver and Kidney function


We provide both elective and therapeutic surgical services at our facility in Kitengela and partner clinic in Karen, Nairobi.

Orthopedic and soft tissue therapeutic surgical procedures are offered by our team of experienced veterinary surgeons

Elective procedures include, spay & neuter for dogs, cats, rabbits, guinea pigs etc; tail docking and dew claw excision amongst others


We offer preventative and therapeutic dental services for a wide range of domestic animals
including, dogs, cats, horses and donkeys.
We carry out the following procedures; dental cleaning (tartar & plaque removal), dental filing, anti-
septic oral flushing and tooth extraction
Preventative and therapeutic dental procedures improves oral hygiene, promote a healthy oral
mucosa, eliminates off odours and increases tooth longevity.

preventative care

(vaccinations, dewormings, flea and  control,wellness checks-p/e)

As we all know from the familiar mantra, “Prevention is better than cure”, Four Paws Veterinary Clinic places great emphasis on offering our clients preventative services such as routine annual vaccinations which are combined with wellness checks, regular and effective de-worming, flea and tick control measures and hoof trimming plus timely reminders of the same.

We also encourage our clients to contacts us through various platforms such as phone, email, facebook, twitter and appropriately address the concerns they raise.


(feeding, behaviour, licences, housing etc)

An important part of responsible pet ownership is being knowledgeable on the care and management needed for its entire life-cycle.

Through various communication platforms, we continually engage with our clients imparting the knowledge and skills allowing pet ownership be a joy filled and satisfying experience.

We encourage our clients to reach out to us via phone in all matters concerning their animals.

We offer advisory services on a wide range of issues arising from animal ownership including but not limited to, housing, acquisition, feeding  ,training, breeding, behavioural problems, veterinary care and legal requirements.

permanent identification

(micro chipping and tattooing)

We provide our clients with the option of either microchipping or tattooing as means of permanent identification for their animals.

Please note that microchipping is a requirement for international travel.

pet movement

We provide turnkey services enabling hassle free international movement  minimizing stress for both you and your pets.

This covers all aspects of pet transport from provisioning of appropriate carriers, acquisition of the necessary permits,  flight bookings ,transport to & from the airport, boarding services  prior to departure and after arrival.

boarding, bathing & grooming

We provide grooming services for all dog breeds. We also provide medical baths for dogs and cats both for basic hygiene purposes and for tick & flea control.

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